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2013 September 30


September was pretty good to us around these parts.

It started with a kid-free weekend in Montreal to celebrate the wedding of two very good people.

I enjoyed four days in the city sun, sitting in caf├ęs, eating late-night dinners, drinking wine and catching up with some of my favorite friends.


I also had this lemon coconut cupcake from one of my favorite bakeries on earth.


Back at home, I tried to will Fall to come by making a batch of this delicious, hearty chili.

Yes, I am still doing MyFitnessPal (and loving it!) and yes, this fit into my plan for the day.


One of us started life at a new school with flying colors.

100% on her first spelling and math tests.

One really good Tootsie Pop as a reward.


Did a little Fall cleaning and organizing in the beauty department.


One of us started life at a new preschool with not so flying colors.

This is his “I don’t want to go to school” face.

I see it every Monday, Wednesday and Friday morning, along with an awful lot of tears.

But thankfully when I pick him up three hours later, it’s all smiles.


I ventured up to Los Angeles a few times for meetings and new opportunities and a much-welcomed change of pace.


Tried to visit an old friend at his new venture, but he wasn’t around so I made due with a delicious juice instead.


And I took in a nice, quiet lunch by myself.

Just me, a book and this incredible view.

Living a life inspired.

Thank you, September for a lovely few weeks.

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  1. Liz Duncan permalink
    September 30, 2013

    Pretty good September for you! I think I might try and do what you did, a monthly reflection. That way, I can see how much or how little I did in a month and how I can improve my next month.

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