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Happy Friday

2013 August 23


Happy Friday, my friends.

This is really our last weekend of “Summer” since Little D will be starting first grade (!) at her new school next week. I cannot believe how quickly the past few months have flown by, it felt like it was always Friday yet again, the sun was always setting and the hours were just ticking away on the clock. We barely made a dent in our Summer bucket list, except for the s’mores part. We ate a lot of s’mores this Summer.

My mind is already transitioning into Fall, dreaming of Fall fashion, planning ahead work-wise, even starting to think about the holidays in small doses…any excuse to think about the holidays.

But for now, let’s stay focused on Friday, shall we? I hope yours is lovely. Mine is off to a decent start. Here are a few things that made this week a good one:

I am almost at 700 likes on the blog’s Facebook page. Seven is my lucky number, so I think this is a good omen. Hopefully I reach it this weekend. Help a girl out, won’t you??

The Mario Badescu giveaway is going strong – don’t forget to comment to enter here.

I started MyFitnessPal this week. Do you know it? It’s basically a FREE app version of Weight Watchers and I am already hooked. Tracking what you’re eating, whether it’s for weight loss or nutrition or just plain motivation, is really empowering and smart. Five days in and I am already making better choices, planning ahead, and feeling good. Did I mention that it’s FREE?!? So really, you have no excuse now.

I kicked off two new work projects this week and am feeling energized and refreshed. Change is good and as a consultant it comes often as clients come and go…it’s always better when they come instead of going, but you get the idea…find a little change in your work routine and it will do you wonders. Ask for a new challenge, befriend a new colleague, change the position your desk sits in. Small tweaks can have big impact.

Finally, I got in a little retail therapy last night. My husband was actually shopping for a suit because he is best man in a wedding in a few weeks but (surprise, surprise!) I am the one who ended up splurging on a few things. Who knew I needed a camel blazer for Fall? Certainly not me…but you know, planning ahead. 😉

Have a great weekend!

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  1. August 25, 2013

    I love My Fitness Pal! I have no complaints and really, it’s only my failure to remember to add my meals that messes me up. I used it religiously for a few months and was very happy with the system. I sometimes just use it to look up the calories for meals in a particular restaurant.

    The Rambling Fangirl

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