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I Don’t Know How She Does It – Anine Bing

2013 August 13


Confession: I don’t know Anine personally. I try to keep this feature focused on women I know or have engaged with on some level so that there’s a personal connection to their story and its impact. Anine’s just had the impact all on its own. This former model turned successful fashion designer who also has a side gig as the lead singer of the band Kill Your Darlings manages to do all that, look effortlessly cool, and have it all fall second to her number one role as mama to Bianca (2 1/2) and newborn baby boy Benjamin at home in Los Angeles. Pretty impressive, right? Go ahead, get inspired by Anine’s busy balancing act as a stylish working mama…and then go ahead and get inspired by these boots from her collection, too. Here is how she does it:

What time does your day start and how?

Most days it starts around 5.50 when my little girl Bianca wakes me up and wants to have breakfast.

What time does your day end and how?

My day ends around 9.30 pm. I put the kids to bed, do a few emails and other work things. Then I hang out with my husband for a little while before we fall asleep dead tired after a long day with kids and work 🙂

Do you work from home or in an office? What is the set up like?

Since I have a newborn at home I try to work from home most days. If I have meetings at the office I bring my son Benjamin with me.. He is the sweetest most easy baby so it’s actually super easy to take him with me. But I prefer working from home at the moment since I get less stressed that way.

Do you see/speak to your kids throughout your work day? If yes, how/when?

I see both my kids during the day. My girl Bianca is with the nanny at home, so I get to see her smiling face all day when I work from home. And Benjamin is always with me. I love being a working mom, and I am thankful for the set-up I have.

What is the best thing about being a working mom? Hardest thing?

The best thing is that I feel satisfied and happy. When I am happy I’m a better mom and better at work too. I would not want to choose. The kids will always be number one. But I feel so grateful to have my own business and two beautiful, healthy kids.

It can be hard sometimes when I have too much happening at work and feel stressed. The kids pick up on it right away and it’s difficult sometimes to separate the two worlds.

Be honest, what is one thing you envy about stay at home moms?

To be honest, I don’t envy them. Everybody has their choices and I am sure they are super moms. But I love it my way.

Answer the question “I don’t know how you do it?” in ten words or less.

Just do what you love and it all comes together…

And because this mama clearly has her eye on the best of everything, here are her must-haves of the moment:


(Clockwise from top left)

The best skinny jeans (hers, of course!)

This little blouse is a must in Bianca’s closet.

I always paint my nails. essie Wicked is my favorite color for Fall.

(editor’s pick) Love this cream studded wallet from Anine’s collection.

Everybody should have a great leather jacket.

I love this Transderma serum.

My favorite boots (editor’s note: mine too!)


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  1. kelly permalink
    August 13, 2013

    I recently found Anine on instagram and always wonder how she does it so effortlessly — she always looks amazing and is the happiest person! Thank you for including her in your great series.
    And she inspired me to get a pair of her jeans (slim boyfriend) and they are so fantastic…my new favorites!

    • WWGD permalink*
      August 15, 2013

      Glad you liked it! Thanks, Kelly!

  2. August 15, 2013

    Lovely interview :).

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