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2013 July 23


You can now follow me on Instagram @wwgwynethdo.

No, I am not terribly late to the party (though I often am).

I have actually been on there for a long while now but kept my profile private because I felt uneasy about sharing such an intimate look at our life, kids, home, etc. with the world.

But then I realized fear was preventing me from reaching my goals.

My goal of building this blog, this brand, this story.

And that’s never a good thing.

So say goodbye to fear and hello to shots of blue skies, palm trees, beach days, beauty and fashion favorites, our home, our kids (though edited), our meals (the impressive ones),  my morning coffee, our travels, this lettered placemat (from CB2), our Friday nights and our Tuesday mornings…

Our lives in general.

I hope you enjoy.

PS – here are some great ideas for putting those Instagram photos (yours, not mine – hee hee) to good use.

One Response
  1. Lisa permalink
    July 24, 2013

    How wonderful that I found you on Instagram today! I was just at a swim play date and the moms were posting the cutest pics of our kiddos. I had an accout but could never *get with it* until they showed me how. Then the quest of who to follow hijacked my afternoon. Just happened to check your blog…..and there it was. I just adore your blog! Keep up the wonderful work. Thanks for sharing all you do!

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