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Making My Monday

2013 June 10


You know those days when you just wake up in a happy mood and the sun seems bright and the grass seems extra green and you feel alive and enlightened and inspired?

Having one of those.

Wish I could bottle it for every Monday. Here are a few things I am looking forward to this week:

Little D is “graduating” from kindergarten on Wednesday. I say “graduating” because I am not really sure when cap and gown became standard procedure for six-year-olds, but we’re beyond excited nonetheless. This year she grew three inches, learned to read and became a new little girl in so many ways. But part of me knows a part of her will always stay the same, which I love.

Father’s Day! I love my dad and I love my husband and I feel that we don’t celebrate them nearly enough, so I am looking forward to a mellow Father’s Day celebration on Sunday, likely filled with beer and BBQ to honor them. Here are my favorite dad’s day gift ideas for those of you still looking.

Dinner tomorrow night with a dear friend from Montreal who is in town for work. I moved to California ten years ago this month and for a long time, I thought my old friendships back home were impenetrable, but lately I haven’t been quite so sure. Miles and years and life changes are definitely taking their toll on the way some relationships have evolved and I guess that’s inevitable. Hopefully these twists and turns will find their way back to the same old comforting route soon enough.

The pin pictured above (original source here). I am so torn between the whole “less is more, minimal, calm life” concept and wanting a new car and a new handbag and a bigger kitchen with a double oven. I wish I could say I was a true devotee to either side, but in all honesty, I am firmly planted in the middle. But this gave me something to ponder. I can easily reduce by half, that I know…it just won’t be the half with my Goyard bag 😉

Kiehl’s Friends and Family event. I love Kiehl’s and this week, from June 13-17, you can get 20% off any purchase by using the code FAMILY on This, this and this are my personal favorites.

Happy Monday ~

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  1. June 10, 2013

    I am all about reducing! You can do it!

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