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Making My Monday

2013 June 3


I am kind of mourning Sunday today. All the ease of a morning without obligations, schedules, deadlines…just a stack of magazines, a coffee, and some cartoons to keep my littles occupied.

Sigh. I miss you, Sunday.

But let’s not dwell, shall we? There is a long week ahead, and here are some of the things I am looking forward to. The things “Making My Monday:”

We are touring Little D’s new school this afternoon with her. Come September, she will be leaving the bubble of her private pre-school/kindergarten and making her move to the local public school for grade one. I am torn in so many directions on this transition – excited, nervous, wondering if we chose the right neighborhood, the right school, the right everything…isn’t parenthood grand?! I am hoping she loves it.

Making some much-needed changes. I have been feeling really sluggish for a while now and there is no doubt my diet is partially to blame. We are going to try to make some tweaks and go gluten free where we can, limit more dairy, scale back on sugar, to see how that might impact things. Will report back.

I have two new business calls tomorrow. And two is definitely better than none. Wish me luck!

Booking a trip to Austin! Going there for the first time for business in a few weeks and I cannot wait to get my ticket and hotel all booked so I can start planning my itinerary. If you have any recommendations, please share! I will probably only have a day or so to explore so want to make the most of it.

I finally got back into The Dailey Method yesterday for my first class in five weeks (due to a forced hiatus because of some physical ailments). It was SO hard, I am not going to lie. I felt like all my hard work over months and months was gone. But they assure me I will be feeling great again in no time – “muscles have memory.” I will say I felt the mental effects immediately, though. I got that good mood buzz instantly after class and it stuck with me all day…until those muscles started remembering the soreness 😉

PS – For those of you who asked about the one pot pasta and how it turned out, I haven’t made it yet! Life took a turn that evening, so it’s now on the menu for tonight. I will definitely share my thoughts in the next few days. Hopefully it’s delicious, because Mondays deserve something delicious, don’t you think?

Have a good one ~

5 Responses
  1. June 3, 2013

    Coming from the land of “I’m trying to make those changes, too,” it’s hard. I know how well my body reacts when I *don’t* ingest those things…and yet, their sway is so. darned. powerful. Glad you’ll be sharing even a little bit of how it’s working for you.

    • WWGD permalink*
      June 4, 2013

      Looks like you have been doing pretty darn well, mama. Will keep you posted!

  2. June 3, 2013

    I took a three-day trip to Austin a couple years ago and LOVED it! (It was going to be either Austin or San Diego for our next move, but the ocean won out.) Try Torchy’s Tacos, go to Barton Springs and Lake Travis, walk up and down South Congress for vintage finds (and Amy’s Ice Cream!), eat brunch at Shady Grove, migas at Trudy’s and for a fancy James Beard-appointed meal, dine at Uchiko.

    That’s about 100 things too many for a day — but they’re all fun options!

    • WWGD permalink*
      June 4, 2013

      Awesome, thanks Archana! xx

  3. June 11, 2013

    I know how well my body reacts when I *don’t* ingest those things.It was going to be either Austin or San Diego for our next move, but the ocean won out.

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