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Happy Friday!

2013 May 17


This week started out on the wrong foot.

My stress levels were sky high, I had tremendous pressure on me from various different channels, my optimism was missing in action and I was not feeling my finest, physically or emotionally.

And what a difference a few days makes.

Today is Friday.

I ended up accomplishing more in the week than I had anticipated.

I opened up a few new doors and windows and cracks that will hopefully bring a little fresh air and sunshine into the months ahead.

I took some real quality time to spend with my kids, instantly re-energizing my everything.

And the universe reminded me yet again that whatever it is that is dragging you down, stressing you out, giving you frown lines…it will pass.

A week can make a difference.

A day can make a difference.

Sometimes even an hour can make a difference.

You just need to remember that that difference will come.

Hopefully just in time for the weekend 😉

Happy Friday!

PS – thank you guys for the Facebook love! Crossed the 600 mark!

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