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Making My Monday

2013 May 13


I am off to New York again this morning for a few days of business meetings. New York twice in one month? I am a lucky gal. A tired gal. But a lucky one.

I hope you all had a lovely Mother’s Day – ours was simple and filled with love, as it should be.

Here are five things “Making My Monday” this week:

The flowers in the image above. I have been having a bit of trouble finding the beauty in the every day lately but this stunning image caught my eye and reminded me that it’s there…everywhere. And more importantly, it’s time to log off a little more and find it in real life versus just on Pinterest. Though I do love the things I find on Pinterest

These new sandals from Madewell are making me very happy. I have long struggled with finding cute summer sandals that are relatively affordable, but the search is over. Now I just need to order them in every color.

Little D is going on her first field trip on Saturday. Yes, a Saturday. Her school doesn’t do field trips but we won this special outing with some friends in the school fundraising auction so she gets a trip downtown (on the train, no less!) with her two teachers and three favorite buddies for an afternoon of exploring. She is so darn excited, it’s contagious.

Remember a few weeks ago when I was so happy to reach 500 fans on Facebook? Well, now I am almost at 600! I know, quality versus quantity…but sometimes quantity is nice, too. Thanks for your support – feel free to “like” WhatWouldGwynethDo here, if you haven’t already.

This week marks the last in a string of stressful ones for me, work-wise. I am looking forward to wrapping it up, successfully, and going back to normal work mode for a few weeks before a big hotel opening I am handling in early June. There will be a mini celebration this weekend to toast how fortunate I am to be so busy at work — and to finding a little more balance in the months ahead.

*image above via here*

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