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A Day for Mothers

2013 May 10


I have really grown to love Mother’s Day.

It’s such a stress-free holiday for us (one of the few) where I just get spoiled with love and simple sentiments and truly heartfelt gifts.

It’s a day filled with gratitude and joy and warmth.

It’s a day where I give myself a big old pat on the back for having a part in creating these two amazing little people who make me proud and happy like nothing else.

It’s a day when I make the time to truly appreciate my own mother and all that she has sacrificed and given up for me and my family.

It’s a day when Little D always puts into words how she really sees me through her young mind and eyes.

This year it was:

Really good cook





A good mom

And that makes the day just perfect.

Happy Mother’s Day to you and yours.

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