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The Week in Pictures

2013 April 19


What a strange, long, exhausting week.

On top of all the terrible drama and heartache in the news, our little crew has been maxed out and feeling less than our best.

But there were a few bright spots amid the clouds so thought I would share:

(above) Someone spent Monday home with the sniffles. It was one of those sick days where you aren’t really THAT sick but your mommy wants you to stay home and watch cartoons and read to her and bake cookies anyways.

Sometimes you need those kind of sick days…we all do.


A new book on healthy living to dig into this weekend. I love the trend of these tomes lately, lots of good tips and advice to incorporate into everyday life.


A timeout for a tart on Tuesday with my mom at Sweet Lady Jane. My mom and I can never pass up dessert. It’s genetic.


A much-needed morning pick me up. With all the sniffles and sneezes that have been running rampant around here the past few days, nights have been long and sleepless for everyone.

This little trick came in handy again with nighttime coughing spells for both kids.


The most darling little gift card envelope ever.

Don’t forget to enter the Splendid giveaway before Monday night!


Taking in as much vitamin C as I possibly can these days…these pink grapefruit are like candy right now, so sweet and amazing!


Little D’s kindergarten art show was incredible.

It was an ode to New York City and the kids’ interpretation of the Big Apple was simply fantastic.

Above is their “moveable New York” filled with skyscrapers made from recyclables, city streets painted by hand and tons of Hot Wheel taxis.


She worked on this picture of the Empire State Building in her spare time at home and it was so great the teachers decided to incorporate it into the show.

That’s my girl, always looking for bonus points, love her.

I told her I would take her to New York with me next year, when she is seven.

She said she prefers to wait until she’s eight.



Celebrated the bright new Summer collection at Splendid in LaJolla last night.

Loved all these fun pops of color but, of course, ended up coming home with a white tee, a navy skirt, and a chambray vest.


The weeks ahead are jam-packed with projects, deadlines and travel and I am feeling a little anxious about it all already so hoping to take the weekend to re-energize, regroup and maybe add a little color…to my tan lines 😉

Happy Friday ~

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