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Making My Monday

2013 March 25


Isn’t the saying above SO true? I often use that as a coping technique when little things start to stress me out. How will this look in a day from now? A week? A year?

There have been a lot of little things stressing me out lately, so finding the silver lining through some seemingly very foggy skies this Monday is exactly what I need to do.

Here are five things “Making My Monday” today:

I bruised my rib a few weeks ago from coughing (yes, seriously…though the cough is on the mend, thankfully! Apparently I have reflux – sexy, right?? – and the meds they put me on are working!) and have been in so much pain I couldn’t work out, roll over in bed or sneeze without thinking the left side of my body was going to tear open. Super fun. But it’s finally feeling much better, so I am going to test out a Dailey Method class later today to see how I do. I have missed my workout so much. Someone please take a screenshot of that sentence so I can remember saying it forever and ever.

Getting a hair cut later this week. Here’s my inspiration, for those of you who didn’t see it the first time.

I got into the Alt Summit lottery for their upcoming SF event in July. I am excited and nervous and excited. I have only been to BlogHer when it was local and thought it was just ok, but as I continue to grow and evolve this little site, I think these types of gatherings are important and I have heard this is a good one. And winning a lottery is always fun, isn’t it??

I just got word that a work gig is taking me to Austin in June! Austin has been on my must-go list forever now, so I am super excited. I think we are going to pack up the whole family and make a long weekend out of it. I strongly believe in mixing business with pleasure.

I am only 10 likes away from 500 on the blog’s Facebook page. Organic growth is a bitch, you guys. I wish I had the means and money to buy followers but I don’t, so meeting this first important milestone (and hopefully many more to come) is a big moment for me. If 10 of you reading this haven’t liked it yet, go ahead and make a girl’s Monday, won’t you? 🙂

Have a good week!

*image above via Justina Blakeney*

UPDATE – woo hoo! Reached 500! Thank you, friends!

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  1. March 25, 2013

    I’m quite honored to be number 500! I feel you on the organic growth…I fiiinally made a FB page for my site, and it’s a fine line to walk between being overly promotional and just waiting around for the number of followers to increase.

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