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Making My Monday

2013 March 18

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Last week was a hectic, but good one. I had a big work event that was a huge success and then on Friday, I was invited to a media luncheon for the launch of Jessica Alba’s new book, “The Honest Life,” which was really fun and inspiring…more to come on that later this week. It was all good stuff, but left me a little exhausted so I am looking forward to the days ahead when I can just sit at my desk and work, spend time with my kids, and get a little much-needed relaxation in. Here are a few things “Making My Monday” today:

My “I Don’t Know How She Does It” series has been getting so much great buzz and feedback lately, I can’t wait to share this week’s mama with you: she is a fashion industry powerhouse and I am beyond excited that she agreed to share a day in her life with us.

A dear friend who was recently featured in the column sent me some yummy treats from Sisters Gourmet as a (not at all necessary) thank you. I had never seen this line, but it looks like a perfect baking project for me and my littles to whip up this week.

I am getting my hair color touched up on Friday. I have been searching for someone to give me chocolate brown color you want to eat (my words, not hers) for years now and finally found her, thanks to a rec from my friend Amber. I always envied blondes a little because their color felt so much more vivid to me, but no more! I am in love with my brown now. And will be more in love with it on Friday, once she touches it up a bit.

A massage. Booking one. Long overdue.

A baby shower for a friend on Saturday. I am in that weird stage where you “know” you’re done having kids, but you don’t want to announce that you’re done having kids, because you know…you never know. So soaking up someone else’s baby bliss sounds kind of perfect right about now.

Have a lovely week, friends ~

*don’t you love the photo above?!? sigh. it’s from here*

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