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Go. Embrace. Challenge.

2013 March 2

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So I decided earlier this year to forego resolutions for 2013 and just keep approaching life the way I have been…because it has been happily just fine. And I am still feeling good about that decision. But while I have been busy not changing much about my approach to the day-to-day, the day-to-day turned around and taught me some subconscious lessons in living. And I have summarized them in three words. Three themes. Three “directives” (not resolutions, ha ha) for the year:




It has been my own personal YOLO over the past month or so. One of these three words fits almost any situation I find myself in, and gives me some sense of directive and purpose behind almost everything, good or bad, trying or not.

Go. Just go. That beach picnic in an hour. The trip to New York. The workout you’ve been avoiding. The long overdue coffee date with your girlfriend. Spend a little less time thinking about the places you’ve dreamed of, the invitations that are coming in, the errands that await you and just GO. Say yes before you have the chance to think about saying no. I find this has been such an eye-opening approach for me and so many people around me. You never know what kind of memory or accomplishment or motivation is awaiting you if you just get up and go.

Embrace. This can be a tough one, but I promise it will come in handy. Feeling burnt out? Feeling sad? Feeling giddy with glee? Embrace that emotion. It might mean giving in and going to take a nap. It might mean crying alone in the bathroom for ten minutes. It might mean giving a random hug to a stranger. If you can take a minute in life to be honest with yourself, identify whatever emotion you are having at a given time – good or bad – and embrace that emotion, accept it, give into it…the emotion will feed you instead of starving you. Embrace.

And my last personal “theme” lately is challenge. It can be emotional, it can be mental, it can be physical (and with that last 10lbs I want to lose, it’s going to be physical around here a lot). Look for challenges in the every day. Test yourself. Try your best. Push your limits. Don’t wait for someone else to challenge you, be the driving force striving for more out of your own life. It might mean learning a new language in your spare time or hitting the gym four days per week or trying a new recipe every weekend or striving for a promotion at work. Find challenges in the every day and beat them. Life is a game, friends…and it’s always your turn if you play it right.

Have a great weekend ~

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  1. liz duncan permalink
    March 4, 2013

    I still love your writing, but Man, I hate the word “YOLO” and was kind of surprised to see you use it.

    Aside from that, I think I’m good with Embracing, but definitely need some work on my Go and Challenge. Thanks for the reminder to Go and work on my Go and Challenge!

    • WWGD permalink*
      March 4, 2013

      Ha ha, you have no idea. I hate it, too…but it seemed just right for this reference. This one and only reference 😉

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