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Making My Monday

2013 February 25


We ventured up to Big Bear to see some snow this weekend and it was quite simply awesome. Growing up in a four season climate, we miss the white stuff a lot and giving our kids the opportunity to play in it for a day and then head back to the sun-soaked beach within hours is pretty amazing. The days and weeks have been busy lately, but GOOD busy. You know that feeling? You are running 100 miles per hour, life is flying by, but when you find a second to stop and look around, it’s all trucking along quite nicely. I love that. Here are five things Making My Monday this week:

“Do not conquer the gym and then conquer The Cheesecake Factory.” I have needed a quote just like this one from the Wall Street Journal to smack me in the face and that’s exactly what it did this morning. I have been working so hard at The Dailey Method, but then rewarding myself with all sorts of baked goodies (damn you, Pinterest) and treats. Time to stop, friends. Moving forward, I am going to try to find a nice balance of exercise and diet and try that on for size.

We have decided on a theme for Little D’s upcoming 6th party: dance party. I am so into it, and this week, the planning begins. Remind me to keep it mellow, please. And yes, I am inviting the whole class.

Kicking off a new work partnership this week. I love when I meet women who are smart, stylish, appreciative…and then get the opportunity to partner with them.

Dinner and drinks with a girlfriend on Thursday evening. I love planning fun things for Thursdays, it makes you feel like you’re getting a nice, early start on the weekend.

The last few days of February’s The Dailey Method challenge (#TDMChallenge). I don’t know if I came in in first place, but I know I kicked butt this month with my commitment and drive…and that, my friends, is victory enough for me.

Happy Monday ~

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  1. February 25, 2013

    yeeeeeeeeeeeeeah. i know how it goes – workout, reward. aye.
    gotta lock that up, too!

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