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My Menu Plan

2013 February 17

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This weekend has been a bit upside down so I am thankful tomorrow is a pseudo-holiday. Pseudo meaning I have a conference call at 10am, but hopefully won’t have too many emails to contend with for the remainder of the day. I have been battling my chronic asthma cough all weekend and felt wiped all day today so didn’t get around to menu planning for the week until this evening which means groceries are going to happen on Monday instead of Sunday. Ah well, such is life, right? Here’s a look at what we’ve got cooking for the week:

Monday lunch – picnic with friends at the beach to celebrate our Presidents

Monday dinnerIna Garten 1770 House meatloaf from “Foolproof.” This is my new recipe of the week and I’ve invited my parents over for it, so fingers crossed it works out! Anything that comes with garlic sauce is usually a winner in this family.

Tuesday lunch – frozen pizza from Trader Joe’s (we like the one with sausage and pepperoni…what can I say, we’re carnivores)

Tuesday dinner – chicken fajitas. We’re having tacos tonight (Sunday) so thought we would switch it up for Tuesday. I told you…this weekend = hot mess.

Wednesday lunch – NEW ITEM ALERT. Trader Joe’s chicken curry, in the refrigerated section. Absolutely delicious when paired with their organic jasmine rice.

Wednesday dinner – salmon. I like the recipe in “My Father’s Daughter,” and more importantly, I LOVE that I am no longer intimidated to a) buy salmon and b) cook salmon.

Thursday lunch – pulled pork from Trader Joe’s on kaiser rolls, with baby cornichons.

Thursday dinner – we’re heading up to LA for some meetings and a little night out. Drinks will be at Soho House (my absolute favorite for happy hour, stunning views) and dinner will likely either be at The Hart and the Hunter or Laurel Hardware…still torn.

Friday lunch – avocado toast with a tomato and feta salad

Friday dinner – homemade pizza

Looks yummy, right? I’d love to hear any tips and ideas from your menu planning, please share in the comments!

Enjoy your long weekend, for those of you lucky enough to have one ~

*photo above via here*

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  1. February 17, 2013

    i love that you’re sharing this, trials and tribulations, and all. question & a comment…question: do your little ones eat all of this? or do you find yourself having bits and bobs on hand that they will eat while you’re enjoying your new meatloaf?

    while i’m in an office, i do find that if i manage to make a big meal of some lasagna-y, sauce-y, freezable sort, if i can freeze it in portions, i’m set to take a stack into the office for lunch, or even defrost when i’m outta ideas on a regular night. also, eggs. when i’m working from home (the exception, not the norm), i scramble myself up some eggs, and toss in whatever veggies and cheese i have on hand: mushrooms, peppers, onions, tomatoes, and my favorite, spinach. easy, filling, and sustaining. oh. and tasty.

    feel better. feel much better.

    • WWGD permalink*
      February 17, 2013

      Very good question, my friend! The answer is: it depends on the meal, moods (ours and theirs), etc. This week, they will likely eat the fajitas and pizza and we will introduce the meatloaf. We are big on “deconstructing” our meals for them (from Dinner: A Love Story) which lets them get certain elements of our meal on a kid scale. They will probably skip the salmon and opt for spinach tortellini that night instead…which is kind of fine by me. Have you seen the price of a good piece of salmon these days?? 😉

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