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Life in My 30’s – Less is More

2013 January 8

I originally wrote this post for My Thirty Spot a while back, but wanted to share with you here:


My older and occasionally wiser sister prepped me in advance. During a particularly despairing day in my 20s, she reassured me, it will be better in your 30s. Everything, for some reason, feels so much better in your 30s.

And a lot did. Has.

But what strikes me the most about my newfound attitude towards life in my 30s is not necessarily that I have an extra dose of confidence (though I do), not that I am more open-minded (I am), not that I take more pride in my accomplishments to-date instead of wallowing in the future and what it may or may not hold (I do…sometimes) – the thing that has really summed up my 30s for me thus far is this:

Less is more.

In so many ways.

It started with friends. I love mine dearly, but once I added baby number two to the work/marriage/house/me time mix, I found that my real-life friends list started to dwindle (despite my Facebook one continuously growing) and I was perfectly ok with that. Some new have replaced some old, some old have resurfaced anew, but there is undoubtedly strength in numbers here, and less is more.

Then it moved onto work. I work for myself as a consultant so less work means less money, which is never an easy pill to swallow. But I found a way to do just that, to focus on projects that I get excited about, to pass on the ones that I don’t, and to (most of the time) realize that less work means more time with my kids and for myself, and that is beyond any bank balance at the end of the day.

Then it found its way into my closet. I started to shy away from “fast fashion” finds and now focus on a few choice items that I can mix and match to my heart’s delight, now and in ten years from now. I don’t need five “it” bags, I need one good one that I love, no matter what the season or trend du jour. That big old engagement ring I coveted so much in my 20s? Often gets skipped over for the simple diamond eternity band that symbolizes happiness instead of stature.

A quiet Friday night with some music playing and the kids rolling around at my feet is so much more than any of the Friday nights of my past. Birthday parties are smaller. Recipes are simpler. Budgets are tighter, intentionally (well, we are working on that).

Less has truly become so much more.

In so many ways.

Except one…

When it comes to the pinot noir.

*image above via here*

8 Responses
  1. liz duncan permalink
    January 8, 2013

    At 29 and not looking forward to my next birthday, I agree.

  2. Alisa permalink
    January 8, 2013

    Well said, my friend. So true.

    • WWGD permalink*
      January 8, 2013

      Well thank you very much! 🙂

  3. stella permalink
    January 8, 2013

    I really resonate with this although for me, it showed up more when I turned 40. I got pregnant just after I turned 40 and ever since, I have noticed how my life has simplified and that I am really okay with that. I still have moments when I wish I could just go on a shopping binge (very rarely though) but for the most part, I really treasure the simpler moments at home with my family. Over the last couple of years, I have acquired this amazing group of friends that are moms that have filled me up where some of my previous friendships have faded away. I did not expect that on this journey through motherhood and it really rocks!

    • WWGD permalink*
      January 8, 2013

      Yes, yes, yes! I hope it only intensifies from here, it is just a nice, serene feeling to have. Thanks for sharing!

  4. Peka permalink
    January 8, 2013

    I’ll be 30 in September and the last few years have been all about simplifying for me! Couldn’t agree with this more…

  5. January 8, 2013

    agreed on all fronts!
    i touched on this stuff in a post today, in fact…
    it feels so good to narrow in, streamline and declutter – and just have less stuff weighin’ you down.

  6. Jessica permalink
    January 9, 2013

    Love this post and agree wholeheartedly (especially on the pinot 😉

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