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Making My Monday

2013 January 7


Well, that does it. The “holiday season” is officially over. The decorations are packed up. The out of office auto-replies are turned off. The year ahead is in full swing. The kids and I spent the weekend with my sister and parents while skater hubs went on an amazing snowboarding trip in the interior of British Columbia and I think it’s safe to say, we all had a good one. Here are five things I am looking forward to this week, the things “Making My Monday”:

My man is coming home today. I am so fine with solo time and was beyond thrilled that he took the opportunity to join his friends on this once-in-a-lifetime trip. They have been going for a few years now and he always found an excuse not to go (money, time, etc) but not this time. It was so fun following their adventure from afar over the past five days, but it will be even more fun to have him home. We have missed him.

I have a girls’ night out scheduled for this week with two dear friends. I only met these women less than two years ago when we made the move to the suburbs and it continues to amaze me every time we hang out how easy and effortless it is. We all come from very different backgrounds with different experiences and tastes but somehow our friendship just sparked and now I consider them some of my closest girlfriends, for which I am very thankful. A girl needs her girlfriends…and enjoying them over good food and wine is always nice.

I should have another piece going live on Huffington Post Parents this week. I have to pinch myself every time my byline goes live there. I have wanted to write my entire life and the fact that this dream is slowly becoming a reality now in my mid 30s is inspiring and amazing. I hope to build upon it even more in 2013.

I am a total product junkie lately and just picked this up for the first time. I had their facial in the spa years ago and thought it was heavenly, so am beyond excited to try it out at home. I am all about mini spa evenings at home lately. They work wonders for my skin…and my soul.

Finally, this blog. And you! Over the past week, my readership has grown tremendously, my Facebook following has perked up (with people who haven’t known me since I was 10!) and I am getting some of the nicest comments and feedback from readers all over the world. Wow. Just wow. It is so fulfilling and exciting to watch my little corner of the internet take flight and I look forward to seeing it evolve and grow every day. So thank you, sincerely, for following along.

Have a lovely week ~

*photo above of my little man, taken by my insanely talented sister*


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