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Must-Have: Gwyneth Paltrow “It’s All Good”

2012 December 29

It’s no secret that My Father’s Daughter is one of my favorite cookbooks for a myriad of reasons. It actually inspired me to learn to cook. It is filled with fairly easy, healthy-ish recipes that fed my soul and my family’s little bellies at the same time.

So obviously I was beyond excited to read that Gwyneth Paltrow is releasing another cookbook, “It’s All Good,” this Spring, a compilation of 185 recipes inspired by her doctor’s recommendation for a clean diet that impacted her stress, fatigue and energy levels. Recipes include: Huevos Rancheros, Hummus Tartine with Scallion-Mint Pesto, Salmon Burgers with Pickled Ginger, even Power Brownies, Banana “Ice Cream,” and more – with no coffee, no alcohol, no dairy, no eggs, no sugar, no shellfish, no deep-water fish, no wheat, no meat, no soy, nothing processed at all.

Now listen, you can love her or hate her…but you cannot deny this woman’s incredible dedication to health and well-being, for both herself and her family. It is nothing short of inspiring, whether you adored that Tom Ford cape or not.

And I have a feeling it will all be delicious….despite the terrible title.

Consider it pre-ordered, gP.

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  1. kristina permalink
    December 30, 2012

    Glad you share my love for gwyneth! I do miss the old goop though.. it seems to be all ads these days.

    • WWGD permalink*
      December 31, 2012

      Agreed! Bad, but still so good in a weird way, no?? 😉

  2. liz duncan permalink
    December 31, 2012

    Is there really no coffee, alcohol, eggs, wheat, meat etc. in any of the recipes? That’s kind of a bummer if so. Aside from that, I love her and the title! And a cape? There are only a few people on this planet who can pull off wearing a cape and apparently she’s one of them.

  3. January 4, 2013

    stoked on her new book and cringing at the title, too.
    … just when i thought she could do no wrong!


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