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Today You Are Two

2012 December 20

Today you are two.

Two years ago, it was a dark, stormy day. We left for our scheduled induction. You were due on Christmas Day but I don’t think the doctor wanted to take her chances, so you were induced five days early. The three weeks that followed were some of the darkest of our lives. But we weathered that storm as a new family of four, and the sunshine you have brought into our lives ever since was so worth every minute.

Today you are obsessed with Trader Joe’s kitty crackers.

Today you light up a room of any size with your spirit.

Today you are mischievous, in the very best way.

Today you have learned the power of the word “no,” and you use it often.

Today you sleep like a champion. May it last your entire life.

Today you like to go to the park and the library and anywhere your sister goes.

Today your laughter is infectious.

Today you love to say “what’s that?” “what’s in here?” “who’s that?”. And most of the time, we love to answer you.

Today you love to talk about your bagi’s car (grandfather) and how it’s always broken. For the record, it’s not.

Today you are a sponge. We teach you something and you soak it right in.

Today you like trucks and trains and Legos and your sister’s dollhouse.

Today you talk a lot. Everyone said to be prepared because boys don’t talk as much as girls. Everyone was wrong.

Today you are potty training. Sort of on your own, without much pressure from us. I think it’s the M&Ms.

Today you want to go to school. You ask about it almost every morning when your sister leaves for the day.

Today you weigh about 28 lbs. I know because you love to stand on the scale.

Today you fill up this house with your voice and your pounding footsteps and your spirit like we never imagined possible. We became a family of four but it feels like a family of ten. A very happy family of ten.

Today you love to eat fruits and grains and milk, but haven’t shown an affinity for meat of any kind.

Today you don’t walk in your sister’s footsteps, you run in them.

Today you have made me realize that I do know how to raise a boy after all. A joyful, confident, amazing, curious, vibrant boy.

Today, my son, you are two.

Happy birthday, Kai.

PS – I am so sorry I butchered your bangs right before your birthday. Your grandmother made me do it.


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  1. December 20, 2012

    Hi…I’m a new follower but wanted to say hello and what a beautiful post. I too have a son, younger than my daughter and I too was stunned that I could bring up a boy! It’s lovely that you’ve captured so much about an inquisitive two year old here; revisit it in years to come and see how parts will remain the same and parts will fade or morph into something else about him. Happy birthday your boy! Lou x

    • WWGD permalink*
      December 20, 2012

      Thank you, Lou! Glad to have you here ๐Ÿ™‚

  2. Joan permalink
    December 20, 2012

    Congrats! He sounds like a awesome little kid xoxo

  3. December 20, 2012

    Happy D’s Birthday, Mama. May you relish all of it, and may the day be a joyful one for you. Congratulations on an amazing being.

  4. liz duncan permalink
    December 20, 2012

    Adorable. He sounds adorable. Happy Birthday to him, and a fantastic day to you as his mom!

  5. Lesleee permalink
    December 20, 2012

    I love this post. It makes me think of my 1 year old son while I am stuck at work…and that makes me smile. Thanks ๐Ÿ™‚

  6. jenn permalink
    December 20, 2012

    Happy Birthday to your son. I have 2 boys and they are awesome and so much fun. I also have a daughter who is amazing, but it is such a different experience.

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