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Making My Monday

2012 December 3


We had a semi-busy weekend Christmasifying our lives. We got the tree, it’s standing there, but not quite decorated yet. The past few years the whole trimming the tree thing has become a two to three day project given how hectic our days are and how tiring our evenings are, so we’re sticking to that schedule and taking our time. Let’s just call it a tradition, shall we??

Only three more weeks until Christmas Eve! I haven’t bought one thing. Not one. Moving on…here are five things I am looking forward to this week, one of the last of 2012, better make it count!

A hair appointment on Wednesday. I am leaving my current hair stylist (she doesn’t know it yet) and trying out someone new who was highly recommended by a friend of mine whose hair I love. I figure that’s a safe bet, no? Anyhow, I am thinking shorter and some sort of color concoction to oomph up my basic brown. I am pinning ideas aplenty and am going to go in with an open mind and a desire for change and see where it takes me.

A fun photo shoot with a fun friend. Remember this post on my tips for entrepreneurship? Well it prompted an inquiry from a friend of mine launching a new web site (more to share later) and they are going to feature me at work and my insanely talented photographer friend is helping to take some pics.

A lunch date on Friday with a friend and her ADORABLE three-month-old baby. I have a hard time finding babies I consider as cute as mine, but this one is a serious contender. Can’t wait to pinch some cheeks.

Little D’s last soccer game of the season is this weekend. I am looking forward to it for a few reasons: a) it’s fun to watch her play but b) I don’t think she is all that into it and c) it has been a little exhausting having a game every weekend at a different time each week (but somehow always during Kai’s nap time) to work our schedules around. So go Dragons! But then we might be semi-happy to go…on with our lives. I think she wants to try karate next.

Finally, the Victoria’s Secret annual holiday fashion show is airing on Tuesday night. It’s one of those Christmas things I love to hate. It’s so cheesy and over top and I usually stop watching about 20 minutes in, but I always tune in to see how ridiculous the eye candy is, without fail. And it’s also some pretty darn good incentive to pass up some of the Christmas cookies that cross my path in the weeks that follow 😉

Happy Monday ~

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  1. Jennifer permalink
    December 3, 2012

    Yay! We can’t wait for Friday and looking forward to seeing the “new” hair style in person. See you soon! xo

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