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Making My Monday

2012 November 19

This weekend was a busy one. My in-laws finished up the tail end of a nine day visit here and we wanted them to soak up the best of Southern California while they could. I am semi-relieved it’s Monday – especially since our Friday is only two days away! Here are five things I am excited about this week:

My piece on “The New Corner Office” is live now on The Conversation blog. Take a read! My real-life “corner office” is pictured above. Clear desk, clear mind, my friends.

Thanksgiving! Need I say more, really? Besides just the food, I am excited for four (and a half) almost carefree days of just being with my little family and taking them all in. We have a lot to be thankful for and we don’t take it for granted. And Christmas REALLY starts the next day, so what’s better than that?

A sense of normalcy. We have a busy month ahead of hosting parties and house guests so this week I am happy to just have our standard day-to-day routine…it may be the last we see of it in 2012.

300 likes! Finally. Jeez. I started a Facebook page for the blog about 100 years ago (give or take) and this “organic growth” business has taken for-ev-er. But hey, I am up to 300! Want to be 301?? Like the page here.

Who are we kidding…let’s talk about the food on Thanksgiving again. I am in LA tomorrow for meetings and will be picking up our must-have pie for the big day here. It’s my very favorite bakery and I always conveniently find a way to be in the neighborhood in the days before any big family gathering to pick up something sweet. We had some pumpkin pie this past weekend so we’re opting for a sinful chocolate mousse for the big day. Bad ass, I know.

Happy Monday ~

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