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What I Am Pinning…Right Now

2012 November 14

My Pinterest boards are depicting my current mood as cozy, warm, comforting and easy…hopefully signs of the winter to come.

(Above) I can’t stop Pinning (and making) chocolate chip cookie recipes and these are a recent find.

Jewelry designer Jennifer Fisher as featured on The Glow. Love the long, wavy locks, gold jewelry and all-black look. So simple, yet it glows…pun intended.

Always dreaming of running away to Paris. This looks like the type of place I could sit in for hours, doing nothing and everything all at once.

I am not always a huge Keira Knightley fan but this photo feels so “me.” Big cozy sweater, dark nails, slightly unkempt hair…

The lights are starting to twinkle.

Crostini is one of my go-to holiday appetizers…cannot believe Thanksgiving is next week. Need to start planning like yesterday.


This is the time of year when I curse that we bought a house without a fireplace. Need to come up with a makeshift display to give us the same effect.

Enjoy your Wednesday ~

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