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Making My Monday

2012 November 12

Mondays are coming around quickly these days. There are only seven left in 2012 after this week, so we better make them count! Here are five things “Making My Monday” this week:

My piece on raising a five-year-old has found its way onto the Huffington Post! Hopefully you read it here first, but go there and read it again. And share! And comment! Please and thank you. (photo of me above in kindergarten — thanks mom!)

Speaking of moms, I was invited to go to opening night of Cavalia this week and am making it a mommy/daughter date – meaning me and mine. Looking forward to a girls’ night out with my original BFF.

Snow is falling! Ok, not here in Southern California. But in many parts of the country, including the mountains north of here. We love white winters because of our upbringing in Montreal and are already planning snow getaways for the months ahead but we also love to hear about wintery weather forecasts because my husband works in the snowboard industry and no snow = bad year. So here’s hoping it falls aplenty all season long!

I think we have finally decided on our holiday card for this year. And I love that we’re branching out from our usual favorites (Minted and Tiny Prints) and trying someone new. I found Elli via a good old-fashioned Google search and lo and behold, it held the design of our dreams. I have emailed back and forth with them regarding a few questions and the customer service is fantastic as well. They are a small start-up and I am excited to support them, you should check them out if you are still shopping for yours. (not a sponsored mention in any way)

It’s time to go glittery for holiday and this polish pick will be the perfect start for my mani this week. ‘Tis (almost!) the season! PS – they sell essie at Target and it’s slightly less expensive than elsewhere…just sayin’.

Happy Monday ~

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