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Making My Monday

2012 November 5

We had a great time running away to the desert this weekend. We rented a house, which we don’t normally do, and it was a nice alternative for the kids. They had space to roam, we were able to whip up easy snacks and food without a sky-high room service bill and once they were in bed, we weren’t confined to a hotel room. We chose a property that is owned and operated by one of our favorite home design stores in Los Angeles, Room Service; you can see all their rentals here, I highly recommend taking a peek for your next desert vacation. We decided it’s a good idea for us to alternate house rentals with hotel stays – as great as all the freedom and flexibility was, I also had to do dishes and take out trash, so you know… 😉 Either way, we marveled once again at how easy it is to slip off to Palm Springs and truly feel transported from the daily grind — the perfect mini-break for my maxed out family.

Here are five things I am looking forward to this week:

This arrived in the mail late last week and I can’t wait to dip into it in the coming days.

I finally got on the bandwagon and started reading this and like everyone else and their mother, I don’t want to put it down. Shhh, don’t tell me what happens!

My in-laws arrive on Friday for a nine day visit. They like to beat the holiday rush (and insane airfares) and we’re looking forward to getting an early start to the long holiday season with a visit from them. The kids always love to see them which is so nice considering how far they have to trek (from Montreal).

Celebrating a friend’s birthday on Wednesday night. A little GNO is always a good thing.

My latest (long overdue, I’m so thankful for easy-going editors!) for The Conversation blog should be posting this week. It’s my take on “the new corner office” and how career ideals for women have changed so much in these modern times. I will share it once it’s live so you can have a read.

Speaking of offices, I better get back to mine — happy Monday ~

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