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Making My Monday

2012 October 29

This weekend was a busy one around these parts and to make it more tiring, everyone in our house is suffering from allergies right now, so we are a little burnt out. But obviously a little seasonal sniffling is nothing to deal with compared to Sandy, so wishing all of you on the east coast a safe Monday. Here are five things I am looking forward to in the week ahead:

Palm Springs. I truly believe in the power of a mini break. Long, two week vacations are lovely, of course, but a) hard to come by and b) expensive. So when we can run away for a two day break and recharge our batteries, we do it. A friend’s birthday prompted this weekend’s last-minute getaway and it came at just the right time. We have family visiting the next two weekends, then Thanksgiving, then December starts and we all know how relaxing that month is, so this is our last real chance before the holidays to get in some R&R. Cannot wait. We decided to rent a house this time around, which is a first for us with the kids, but I think it will be easier and more relaxing for all of us.

Speaking of the holidays, we did our family photo session on Saturday with our dear friend Fawn Christiansen. It’s always a little painful with two little kids, especially Kai who doesn’t understand the concept of sitting in one place, smiling for a camera, and repeat. But I can’t wait to see what she captured. It’s one of those family traditions I always snubbed my nose at…until I had a family. Now I love to have a keepsake of each year as it goes by.

Starting a new work project this week and it’s one I am really excited about. Not only will I be working hand-in-hand with an old friend and colleague who I like and respect, it’s a gig I am truly looking forward to…always a nice thing when it comes to work, isn’t it?

Halloween. I can take it or leave it, but let’s be honest, Christmas basically starts the next day and it’s my favorite time of the year, so I am excited for Halloween to come…and go. Let’s get merry, friends.

I have decided it’s time to get some custom note cards made. I think it’s so chic to get a hand-written note from someone on a personalized note card. I had them when I worked at the agency in LA, why not get them for myself now that I am my own boss? Time to start researching online. If you have seen some you love, send them my way!

Have a good week ~

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