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Making My Monday

2012 October 15

Can you tell we are in an apple state of mind around here lately? Ha. We’re trying to welcome fall with open arms, despite the 80 degree temperatures that are back in southern California, so we took the kids apple-picking in a quaint town about an hour away yesterday. The season was a sad one for the orchards, but they managed to pick a few, run up and down the orchard’s endless aisles and, of course, eat some pie. For those of you who may not be familiar with it, this “Making My Monday” column is my personal way of dealing with the back to work blues. I look at the week ahead and find five things I am excited about and/or grateful for to kickstart my Monday on the right foot. Here they are, in no particular order:

Clearly this week’s number one thing is pie. Apple pie and pumpkin pie to be precise, though the apple was better. Homemade by the farmers in the above mentioned quaint town. And now breakfast for the next three days.

Now painted: OPI Midnight in Moscow. The STRANGEST thing happened yesterday at the nail salon (post apple picking, of course). I had bought a new bottle of OPI that looked like a deep burgundy with a hint of glitter and when the lady started painting it on, it was purple. And I mean PURPLE. All the ladies in the salon had to come over to look, we were so baffled that the color was SO different from how the bottle looked. A mani mystery. Thankfully, she came to my rescue with Midnight in Moscow, which was exactly what I was hoping for (only one coat necessary, otherwise it’s too dark). I have a few big meetings in the days ahead and I just don’t feel polished (pun intended) without my nails done.

We finally got around to painting the powder room this weekend. Skater hubs did a GREAT job on it — perfect edging, beautiful paint job, not a sign of DIY to be found. Sadly, we don’t like the color. So now I am pinning up a storm of purple in the exact shade I am looking for so that next weekend we can go back to the paint store and plead for some help to fix it. I am hopeful we will get there.

I have a dear old friend going through a very tough time right now. I am watching from afar, not exactly sure of what to say or when, but I hope she knows I am thinking of her. These days, I am reflecting a lot about friendships, how they evolve, how you have to evolve along with them…and I am grateful for the opportunity, no matter how difficult, to think about that and re-evaluate.

Back to work. After fighting a nasty cold for the past week and a half, I am finally ready to get back to The Dailey Method in the coming days. I have to say, the best part of my non self-imposed break from the program is that I missed it. I truly felt a change in my body, my energy levels, and even my abs from just missing class for 10 days. That says a lot for the girl who hates to work out. And the girl who is eating apple pie for breakfast 😉

Happy Monday ~

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  1. October 15, 2012

    Every Monday (ok, or Tuesday or Wednesday, by the time I catch up on blogs), I’m reminded of your Monday ritual and think, well, that’s the way to do it. Because weekend time is so lovely and valuable. I think, “We manage to do ‘thankfuls’ every night with The Beans” (which range from “Thank you God for mama and papa,” to “Thank you God for…[pregnant pause for effect…seriously]…poop.” It’s popular in our house.). I even look at “non-scale victories” in my quest for the healthier me (like your noticing that you missed The Dailey Method). So why can I not do it Monday morning before jumping into the work week? Hmmm…probably a load of therapeutic dollars there.

  2. October 15, 2012

    Love Midnight in Moscow! What is the Dailey Method like – anything similar to the Bar Method? I’ve taken that class before and it about killed me, but I could tell if you stuck with it you would get to looking pretty amazing!

  3. Jennifer permalink
    October 15, 2012

    I am guessing you guys went to Julian? My parents used to take us there and the pie made the long car ride worth it! Have a good week 🙂

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