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Making My Monday

2012 October 8

This weekend was a mellow one. Both skater hubs and I have been fighting a cold (my second in two weeks, but who’s counting…). We had committed to a dinner with some friends on Friday and didn’t want to cancel so we powered through some delicious oysters, wine and yellowtail tartare at a great local eatery, but then paid for it the rest of the weekend when we didn’t want to power through a thing. It meant lots of naps, reading, menu planning (more on that later this week) and taking in simple pleasures like a little 22-month-old hand diving into a bowl of shiny apples.

Alas, Monday is here again and hopefully it will bring with it some new energy; here are five things I am looking forward to this week:

The weather! It is FINALLY starting to cool down a bit here. And by cool down, I mean I might be able to get away with wearing jeans.

It’s official: I am about to become a soccer mom. And I couldn’t be more excited. Little D will be playing her very first game on Saturday and the whole family will be there (including my Euro soccer obsessed father) to root her on.

I had the amazing pleasure of meeting the lovely Mrs. Lilien last week at a local soirĂ©e. She was great. Friendly, inspiring, easy to talk to…and she knew my blog! I picked up her Cocktail Swatchbook and had it signed and can’t wait to try out a recipe (or two) this week. PS – stock up on them for holiday hostess gifts, trust me.

Planning to have drinks with a fun new friend on Thursday night. I am so unbelievably grateful for the friends I have made in this latest chapter of life. It’s funny how relationships, both new and old, can feed your soul in so many ways. I am going to write about it soon for The Conversation, stay tuned.

We are finally tackling a home project that has been on the backburner for the two years since we bought our house: painting the powder room. We are deciding between various shades of very deep, grey toned purples. Preservation Plum, Mata Hari, Blackberry Jam…choices, choices. But we have given ourselves a deadline and this week it’s decision-making time. Wish us luck, I have a feeling we will need it.

Happy Monday!

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