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Making My Monday

2012 October 1

Ah, October…I welcome you with open arms. September was super fun, but busy, busy, busy and there is just something so comforting about my “mundane” little day-to-day routine and finding my way back into it with little distraction.

Here are five things Making My Monday this week:

Back to school night is on Thursday. Little D has taken kindergarten by storm, so I am excited to get a chance to chat with her teachers about her progress (it’s clearly amazing…) and hear more about what the year has in store for her. She is learning about the human skeleton this week and knows what the femur is. I think I learned that in grade 8. Oh, and while we have my mom watching the kids for the night, maybe we’ll sneak out for a burger or something to pat ourselves on the back for a parenting job well done.

A spa day with my mom scheduled for Saturday. Need I say more?

Booking snow getaways for the holidays. We have decided to keep it (somewhat) local this year and head to Big Bear. We love Mammoth but the drive and the investment is a lot without the guarantee of great snow so at least with Bear, it’s close and relatively affordable, even if Mother Nature doesn’t comply and we end up sipping hot chocolate in the grass.

I pinned these easy-to-make cookies a while ago and finally made them yesterday with Little D. Delightful on a Monday morning with a coffee.

I am reading this. It’s a good read, her story of triumph over incredible struggle is inspiring me to do more, build more, create more! Starting right here on this very little blog. Hope you will continue to follow along.

Happy Monday!

*photo above of a really fun play date Little D and I had last week with some dear friends. Frozen yogurt and two little five-year-old girls contentedly painting pottery while mamas chatted away. Simple, easy fun. Isn’t that what it’s all about??*


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