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Picking Your Battles

2012 September 29

We are big believers in picking our battles around here.

We don’t cry over spilled milk, literally, and encourage our children not to, either.

This doesn’t mean we don’t discipline, in fact I think we do a great job of balancing the strict and the silly in our home, but we choose to focus on the things that are important (biting, name calling, disrespect) and worry less about the things that aren’t (a few green beans left on the dinner plate, a puddle of milk on the floor, wanting to wear the same t-shirt two days in a row).

I loved this article from Today’s Parent on kids’ behavior and 10 things you should forgive and, more importantly, why.

Sometimes that spilled milk is there for a reason.

Happy weekend!

*photo above – my house, on a typical Tuesday around 5:30pm while I am busy making dinner, managing homework, and cleaning up spilled milk 😉

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