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Kindergarten is Making Me Stupid

2012 September 28

I don’t know what it is, but ever since Little D started kindergarten a few weeks ago, I am flakier than ever.

I can’t seem to keep track of all the school assignments, homework responsibilities, play date requests, and immunization forms.

I think her teacher has already secretly labeled me the “working mom who is very sweet and tries hard, but will need extra reminders for everything.” At least I hope she threw in the very sweet.

We spent 90 minutes on homework last night for a project that was assigned three weeks ago…because it was due today and we hadn’t started.

We have been late to every swimming lesson since school started. Good thing the teacher likes us, he just chuckles now and tosses D into the deep end for a quick start.

I keep asking her in a panic five minutes before we are supposed to leave the house if we can just order her lunch, but she says no. Whose kid says no to ordering lunch?!? Oh right…mine.

I keep going to sign her in on the room 8 sheet even though we are now in room 10.

I had to send skater hubs to Trader Joe’s last night at 8:45pm (they close at 9) because I had signed up to bring snack today and forgot. Despite not one, but two reminders on my ical.


Remember when we were all waxing nostalgic about kindergarten being such a big transition for our kids a few weeks ago???

Apparently, someone should have been waxing about me.

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  1. September 28, 2012

    I’m struggling to keep it together also. S gets out an hour early every Wednesday and I just know sooner or later I’m going to forget. Why does it have to be midweek, right when I’m getting good momentum?!

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