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Making My Monday

2012 August 27

There has been all this backlash in the media lately about being “tired” and “busy” and are we really or are we just jumping on a society-wide bandwagon of bitching and moaning??

Well, I am here to tell you two things: I am tired. And I am busy. And it is legit. So maybe the New York Times should interview me about that.

Here are five things keeping me above water this week:

Saturday. Followed by Sunday. AND by Monday. We have no childcare for Kai this week (long story), Little D’s school is on a part-time schedule and I have one of my busiest weeks of the year, work-wise. If I survive the next five days, it will be a minor miracle. But at the end of it, there is a (sort of) long weekend…I say sort of because my big huge work project culminates next week so chances are I will be answering some email on Monday, but whatever…I am trying to be positive here, remember?

To keep myself sane, I have vowed to somehow work working out into the mix. I have committed to getting to The Dailey Method at least three times per week this month (hopefully four when I can swing it) and will be reporting back on the results. I have a feeling they will be good.

I just downloaded this to my Kindle and look forward to starting it this week. I hope it lives up to the rave reviews I keep seeing.

I came across this genius app on the weekend and am planning on putting it to good use, starting yesterday.

I am putting together a proposal for a new business opportunity this week that I am genuinely really excited about. Sometimes you do things to pay the bills and sometimes you do them because you can’t imagine not doing them. This is one of the latter cases, so please keep your fingers crossed for me that it works out!

Happy Monday!

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  1. liz duncan permalink
    August 27, 2012

    I just started a book club to pretend like I’m grown up, but I more so see it as a way to force me to read on a regular basis and a way to see my girlfriends all together once a month. Anyway, I am not a thriller/murder mystery kind of girl and guess what the girl’s chose as our first book? You got it! Gone Girl. I started yesterday and I like it so far. Good luck with your reading!!

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