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Making My Monday

2012 August 20

The weekends are just too good lately, aren’t they? We have been having the most incredible weather this summer. The air is hot, the skies are sunny, the ocean is warm(ish). And we have really been taking our time savoring every second, spending the weekends en famille, BBQing, swimming, truly living up to the “summer of summer.”

Which makes Mondays even harder to take. So in the spirit of optimism, here are a few things making mine a little sunnier today:

We raised more than $100 at our lemonade stand on Saturday! I think we could have done even more, but it was SO hot out, I think most local families abandoned the playground for the beach and pool instead. There was also a local private preschool having its annual fundraiser in the park and they basically kicked us out after a few hours (even though we repeatedly told them we were raising money for childhood cancer). Let’s just say I am happy my kids don’t go to that school…and leave it at that.

Little D is off school all week. It will be a juggle with work, but I do love having her little spirit running around the house, causing trouble with her brother. Lately when she is at school, I have really felt her absence in the house so I am happy to have an extra dose of her before we get back to the daily grind in September.

I have a dinner for work later in the week here and I am so excited to take a peek at the property’s new renovation and the restaurant, which I heard is lovely.

I came across this new offering in the J. Crew style guide and I think I am going to try it out. A professional eye and the opportunity to shop before or after store hours sounds kind of amazing, no? Will report back.

I have a few meetings for possible new business opportunities this week and I am really excited about them. Not only are they interesting projects, but right when I was starting to get nervous about a door closing, three more have opened in its place…and dare I say, they may even be better than the last. Aren’t they always?

Happy Monday!



2 Responses
  1. August 20, 2012

    I’m about to try out the j. crew service, too! A friend recommended…and now…to buy!

  2. August 21, 2012

    I think I’m going to make the J Crew thingy a reward for meeting some weight loss/exercise goals. Either that or some bacon! I would love for someone to tell me what to wear! LOVE. IT.

    Kudos to you all about the Lemonade Stand and boo to inflexible schools. Have a great week, dear.

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