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Making My Monday

2012 August 13

For those of you who are just checking the blog out for the first time, I take a moment on Mondays to try to break up the usual back-to-work blahs and focus on the positive aspects of the week ahead. I call it “Making My Monday” and here are five things qualifying this week:

The weather. Man, are we spoiled here in southern California. It has been hovering in the 80s by the beach which is really perfect and ideal summer weather but we are actually complaining that it’s too hot. Well, not this week. We have a few more days of predicted heat and I am planning on soaking it all in by the beach, at the pool, wherever I can find it…in between conference calls, of course.

I have a friend who is about to have her first baby any day now…I love it when babies arrive. So much hope, so much anticipation, so much excitement. Particularly when it’s not you who is losing sleep and nursing and feeling all hormonal and crazy. Can’t wait for the big announcement to come.

September issues! I am a magazine junkie (especially since having kids and not being able to make it through a novel in less than two months) and the biggest and best issues of the year are hitting newsstands and my mailbox as we speak. Perfect timing for that hot weather that will beckon me beach-side.

Another “I Don’t Know How She Does It” feature lined up for tomorrow, this time on a colleague who I admire tremendously not only for her career, but for being a kickass first-time mother, now doing it on her own after the passing of her husband earlier this year. You’re going to love her, too.

Little D has been asking to do a lemonade stand for a while now and I am thinking this weekend might be the perfect time. Will be searching for some inspiration on Pinterest, of course, and we’re going to donate our proceeds here. How sweet is that?

Have a great Monday!

PS – the photo above was taken at one of our local beaches on the weekend. So ya…I have nothing to complain about. 😉

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