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Summer Eats

2012 August 10

Remember when I declared this “the summer of summer?” Well, I have held up my end of the declaration. We have been on a pretty consistent schedule of BBQ, ice cream, beach, pool, sunscreen in the eyes, and repeat.

And repeat.

And…you get the picture.

Here are the recipes I have been turning to time and again this summer for entertaining with friends, Sunday suppers with my parents, and most lovingly, those evenings when it’s just me and my little party of four.

Above – panzanella. I had been loyal to the recipe from My Father’s Daughter but just tried out this new one posted on A Cup of Jo, and it was amazing. This salad is so flavorful, light and simple to make, it is perfect for warm summer nights.

I was always so intimidated by ribs. I loved them, but in watching my dad make them on the grill for the past 20 or so years, decided it was a skill best left to a man. Until I became a real woman and got a slow-cooker. This recipe is fail-proof and makes ribs that are so fall-off-the-bone tender, my dad’s grill has practically gathered dust.

You MUST make this corn before summer ends. We cannot believe we have been relying on plain old salt and butter all these years. This spicy mixture has a kick, but the lime brings out a delightful flavor that is unexpected and perfect with a cold beer.

BBQ chicken that is juicy, tender and packed with flavor. And it’s from Martha, so really, how could you possibly go wrong…right?

Ok, yes we have made a stop or two at In N Out this summer, but we’ve also been grilling up a lot of burgers at home and this recipe from Food Network Magazine helped us re-create the iconic brand’s signature sauce in a pinch for nights when we want to skip the drive-thru for the dining room.

How can you do summer without s’mores? These have been in rotation at many a beach picnic this summer, but we couldn’t resist this classic favorite so started to make them on our firepit in the backyard and even once in a while on the stovetop…desperate times call for delicious measures, my friends.

What are your go-to favorite summer eats??

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  1. August 10, 2012

    I seriously could’t not envision better summer eats than these! I’ve tried Martha’s BBQ chicken and it’s perfection. The corn looks mouthwatering, and you intrigued me on Twitter with that gorgeous panzanella! I’m going to try that slow-cooker recipe for ribs…God bless the slow-cooker!

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