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Mama Muse – Miranda Kerr

2012 August 4

I was never overly aware of model Miranda Kerr until she was pregnant at the same time that I was with Kai. You know what it’s like – you instantly bond with any famous person going through the nine-month journey alongside you, so during the course of two pregnancies, I became enamored with Tori Spelling, Marcia Cross, Jillian Barberie, a few others I can’t remember now, and Miss Kerr (Mrs. Bloom?).

But Miranda is the only one whose style I kept my eye on after the babies were born (mine on December 20th, 2010 and hers just two weeks later on Jan. 6, 2011).

I love Miranda because she has an easy, laid-back approach to fashion that we real-life mamas can adopt far more easily than her Victoria’s Secret styles.

Colored jeans? Check.

Big neutral scarf? Always.

Statement bag? Of course.

Loose-fitting maxi dress? A must.

Another statement bag? This time in the exact blue I am obsessed with these days? We may as well be BFFs.

And she does it all while being a busy careerwoman, mama and wife.

A true modern-day muse.

But somehow she beat me when it came to losing the baby weight….hmm.

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  1. August 5, 2012

    She has amazing style! When I was pregnant with my first I remember following Katie Holmes and then with my second was Jessica Alba and Tori Spelling’s pregnancy styles.

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