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La Belle Province

2012 June 24

We have been soaking up the early days of summer here in our hometown of Montreal, which has meant lots of humidity, warm evenings with cocktails in-hand, mosquitoes that bug, fireflies that awe, old friends and new babies, and of course…poutine.

This Canadian version of chili fries is practically the national food of Quebec, a greasy, comforting combo of home-cut french fries, gravy and cheese curds.

It is the junk food of every man here – the gourmand, the 5-year-old, the working man.

The flavors are salty, satisfying and surprisingly welcome any time of year (though it’s particularly a must after a cold day out on the ski hills, accompanied by a beer and maybe a chocolat chaud).

I keep mine simple and greasy, from local dives where they do it best (i.e. the fries are cooked in oil that has been sitting there for a while) but this more sophisticated recipe will definitely get you your fix.

Happy Sunday from la belle province!

*Photo by Randy Mayor, via here.


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  1. June 25, 2012

    a good fry is the ultimate comfort food..i have never had them with cheese curds before and i think you just changed my life.

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