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They Have a Father Who…

2012 June 17

They have a father who…

Has probably changed more diapers than their mother.

Believes in building forts.

Will spend hours playing horsey.

Puts his family first. Every time.

Gave them their artistic genes.

Knows that even when times are tough, bright skies are ahead. And chooses to see them.

Is impossible to shop for.

Takes pictures of every step of their journey.

Has patiently rocked them to rest under the sound of a whirring fan on countless sleepless nights.

Hopes they will surf some day.

Finds genuine joy in their happiness and genuine tears in their sadness.

Celebrates every day with happy hour.

Has a little family who loves him more than anything.

Happy father’s day, babe.

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  1. Shalanna Clark permalink
    June 18, 2012

    This is very beautiful.

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