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I Love My Life. There, I Said It.

2012 June 1

I started to write this post in my head six months ago.

On New Year’s Day, as everyone took to Facebook to post status updates filled with happy wishes, potential and positivity for the year that lay ahead, one of my friends said it simply: “So looking forward to the new year. I love my life!”

Wow. That’s it. You love your life. And you’re not afraid to say it.

Fast forward to last week when I participated in this amazing blog movement alongside many others, “Things I Am Afraid to Tell You.” I read along as so many talented, brave and creative writers shared their innermost thoughts, insecurities and fears…and it was incredible and inspiring, but focused mainly on things that are stressful or negative or heavy.

It brought me back to New Year’s Day and that little Facebook post.

Here’s something I am really afraid to tell you. To tell anyone. To tell myself, now that I think about it.

I love my life, too.

I have my moments, don’t get me wrong. There are day-to-day stresses and worries and irrational fears. There is 10 lbs too many and not enough kitchen space and clients that go when I really want them to stay.

But I love my life.

We have an incredible, smart, fun family dynamic where we laugh and dance and tickle.

We live in a beautiful place filled with sunshine and palm trees and sandy beaches and perfect sunsets.

We have a spacious and stylish home that, above all else, is comfortable. And we bought it all by ourselves, with no help.

We have our health. Our families have their health.

We have friends, near and far, old and new, who make us laugh and think and celebrate random Wednesdays with cocktails.

We work very hard but have flexibility to be there for important things and see special moments as they happen.

We live close to my parents which is a blessing in so many ways.

We can take vacations and long weekends and afternoons off. And we do.

So it’s not all perfect and it’s not all pretty and it’s not all polished, but I LOVE MY LIFE.

And I am happy I finally said it.

Happy weekend!


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10 Responses
  1. June 1, 2012

    I love this post! It’s so refreshing to hear someone talk about all the positive and wonderful things that they have been blessed with, as opposed to the usual venting about all the things that are going wrong. Your post has inspired me to really try hard to focus on all the great things in my life– there are lots for sure, but I think sometimes I focus too much on the less-than-peachy stuff. Thanks for this post.

  2. June 1, 2012

    This post makes me super happy. I’ve enjoyed reading the honest blogging as of late, but it is nice to be honest about the positive in addition to the less than positive.

    You’ve got one life to live, so you might as well make it one you love!

  3. Kelly permalink
    June 1, 2012

    Good for you!

  4. June 1, 2012

    Oh beautiful, beautiful! I loved reading this! I’ve had such a funky blue winter, and I could not honestly say that I loved my life lately. I’m ready to shed that funk and choose joy, because in truth there is so much joyful around me. Thank you for writing this! Thank you.

  5. June 1, 2012

    Lauren, hugs. You can turn it around in your head x

    That’s an interesting take after last weeks post!
    I agree with looking and appreciating what we have, rather than always obsessing about what we don’t have.

    Thank you for the reminder. Only today I was thinking the same when my inner critic jumped right in saying: really, what about this and that… I shut him up and he left me alone:)

    Go and love your weekend:)

  6. Stacey permalink
    June 1, 2012

    This was a happy post to kick off the weekend! Your life sounds truly wonderful and it is nice to stop and realize all of the wonderful things…it makes the stressful times not so bad!

  7. June 2, 2012

    I am so happy for you. Truly. And honestly I completely see how it would be a hard thing to say out loud, but I’m glad you did!

  8. June 5, 2012

    Love this, R! Maybe our next movement should be: Things I Love About Myself. That exercise would be so empowering.
    I have this terrible superstition that if I talk out loud about the good things in my life, something bad will happen. It’s ridiculous and something I definitely need to stop! Count your blessings and make your blessings count, right? Right.

  9. June 5, 2012

    I love my life too. and I also love yours. I adore this blog.

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