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Let It…

2012 January 19

Well today I am off to the Sundance Film Festival for work.

It should be a lovely few days of celebrities, socializing with press, and most importantly…snow.

Beautiful, crisp, glorious snow. The kind that blankets everything the eye can see and brings an eerie, yet comforting sense of silence to the world.

It will be a few feet of it, apparently, which sounds heavenly to me right about now. My Canadian blood craves it this time of year. The excitement as it first starts to fall. The glee as you watch it pile up around you, drowning out the landscape like no other force of nature can. The vision of heavy tree branches as they fall victim to its undeniable weight, the impact of millions upon millions of snowflakes coming together as one incredible force.

And four days of it is just about perfect.

Just enough time to take it all in. Just enough time to catch a few snowflakes on my tongue. Just enough time to let it coat my eyelashes and turn my cheeks a cool shade of pink.

And just enough time to be thankful for the Southern California climate I will return to come Sunday.

Happy weekend!

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  1. January 22, 2012

    Hope your weekend went well… we got a tiny taste of the snow last night in SLC but it sounded like there was quite a bit up where you were!

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