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C’est le “Mom Chic”

2012 January 12

Was flipping through a fashion magazine the other day and came upon the term “mom chic,” used by a former fashionista turned mama to define her current day-to-day style. It struck a chord.

The truth is, while mommies like me desperately want to maintain our personal sense of style and love of fabulous fashion in our post-baby days, with the reality of our new 9 to 5 (I mean 6 to 9), something’s gotta give (I can speak from personal experience that kids’ sunscreen and Gucci leather don’t mix…)

But I truly believe there is a middle ground between Lanvin and Lululemon. The perfect intersection of style, comfort and, of course, washability. The ideal “mom chic” uniform. So here is how I build mine. Pair with a simple tee or tank, and you’re set to go to drop off, pick up, and anywhere and everywhere in between.

Cute flats. Let’s be honest, we can set aside the stilettos most days. But it doesn’t mean you have to automatically opt for flip flops or cross-trainers. Flats can set a fun tone for the most simple of looks.

Shades. Some mornings mine stay on my face for the entire duration of drop off. Yep, even as I say good morning to the school’s director, put Little D’s lunchbox firmly in her cubby, and pass by the volunteer moms on my way back to the car.

A scarf (preferably chunky-ish). I am a scarf aficionado. I have been rocking a chunky scarf for many, many years and I always find it injects my outfit with a dash of cool. And yes, you can sport this style in sunny SoCal. Just opt for a lighter version like this instead.

Throw on a little lip. It doesn’t have to be red. It doesn’t have to be perfect. But it does have to be something other than Chapstick. A touch of color will perk up your look in an instant.

Dark jeans. I am personally loving skinny right now and these are my new favorites, but any shape or make will work. Just make sure they are dark-toned (dark blue or black) and fit you well. No baggy butts. It’s not doing you any favors. And please, please, please do not pair them with running shoes.

A fun necklace. Not fancy. Not expensive. It just needs to add a little pop to your outfit and I love styles like this that get people talking. Also serves as a great distraction for bored babies.

The perfect boyfriend blazer. Drop that hoodie. A smart blazer can instantly pull together your look, no matter how basic it may seem, and can take you from morning duty to meeting to mamas night out…I always have one with me and if I am feeling frisky, I pop the collar 😉

8 Responses
  1. January 12, 2012

    I swear we were cut from the same cloth girlfriend! This is perfection! All is missing is my messy hair in a big bun! You too? 🙂

  2. WWGD permalink
    January 12, 2012

    Yes!!!! Absolutely.

  3. January 12, 2012

    Love this- never tried AG’s but I wear skinny jeans or cords all the time. My very current “uniform” is a cute short print dress over tights with boots, and then either a long cardigan or blazer on top. For some reason it seems even easier than jeans- almost no accessories needed at all!

    • WWGD permalink
      January 12, 2012

      Love that — I always struggle to find easy, cute dresses so if you have any favorites, please share!

      • January 13, 2012

        Recently, I’ve mostly found them at Urban Outfitters and Brass Plum! And I buy a ton at Anthropologie but those are more expensive of course.

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