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One Little Corner At A Time

2012 January 8

One little corner of the living room

So we have lived in our home for a little over one year now. When we moved in, I was nine months pregnant and in mega nesting mode, so sitting amid boxes and half empty rooms was not an option for long. Within 30 or so days, we had fully painted, furnished, styled and accessorized many of the spaces within our house and much to my surprise, I was thrilled…with most of it.

Then along came baby and life and budgets and now we are entering year two with a whole new domestic to-do list. The spaces we didn’t get to in those 30 days haven’t changed much since and this is the year they will.

I truly believe your home is never “finished.” I love design enough to know I will always be searching for new finds, inspiration and trends. But this to-do list isn’t just about the right throw pillow for the season or the dishes du jour. These are substantial pieces in the puzzle that need to fit just right – ahem, a duvet that actually fits over that new king size bed might be nice, no?

So I am making a list (to hold us accountable more than anything) and will update from time-to-time on how it’s going. After all, it is “the year of them” and there is no home without them, so why not make it as lovely as possible?

Our domestic to-do list for 2012:

– a duvet and cover that fits the bed

– grown up bedding (i.e. not Ikea)

– the perfect night table lamps

– window treatments for the master bedroom

– something for the end of the bed

– wallpaper that damn all-white powder room

– stain the hand railings throughout the house

– window treatments for Kai’s room

– new shower door

– style the foyer

– hang more art

– find a bench for exterior entryway

– buy more plants

– window treatments for office

Phew. I put it all out there. Take note, skater hubs. We’ve got work to do. But this time I will give you more than 30 days.

3 Responses
  1. January 9, 2012

    I feel that way, too, that the home is never finished. That’s part of the fun!

  2. January 10, 2012

    I feel the same way! My to-do list starts with getting rid of most of the furniture I have in order to make room for the millions of items I am currently drooling over 🙂

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