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A Black and White Monday Morning

2011 November 14

Well if you follow me on Twitter you know I had a glorious weekend in New York. As expected, the minute my cab hit those city streets, I inhaled it all and didn’t stop for three days. Here is a peek at some of my favorite moments.

The first morning, I walked to work. The weather was just brisk enough but not cold and the sun was shining bright as I wound my way through the streets of the Meatpacking District down to Soho. When I got to my meeting, this was our view.

The next day’s schedule ended early so I took some time in Nolita to lunch and shop. The crowds were almost overwhelming, it was like a sea of people everywhere you went and you almost felt like you were drowning, but I managed to find a semi-quiet block on Mott St. where the leaves gave me that instant sensation of the changing seasons that I have missed so much.

That night I got a cab to meet a friend for dinner in the West Village here (great spot) and the driver went through Times Square, which I usually avoid like the plague, but the lights, the people and the energy just said “Saturday night” to me and it gave me the second wind I needed.

Sunday was a day to myself and I had big plans but apparently so did my overtired body because I slept in until past 9am (very rare for me these days). Had breakfast at a quintessential diner, then happened to pass by Rockefeller Center. Had to grab this picture for Little D because it’s a passage in one of our favorite books, “…hello skaters in Rockfeller Center.” Apparently she was less than impressed when she got the email. Figures.

Headed down to the Flatiron District for some shopping. Stopped by here, here, and here. Loved them all. Almost walked out of ABC Carpet & Home after 45 minutes, feeling suitably impressed, and then noticed there were FIVE MORE FLOORS OF IT.

Made my favorite purchase of the trip there — one with silver letters for Kai and one with pink for Little D.

Then I popped into Eataly for lunch. The place is magnificent, there is no doubt, but can also be a little much with the overcrowding, lack of places to sit, etc. etc. Apparently that isn’t as much of a problem when you are dining solo. Got a quick seat at the counter in La Pizza, La Pasta and enjoyed a delicious plate of ravioli and a glass of wine. Had to stop by the gelato counter on my way out as well, my friend introduced me to it last time I was in town and I have been dreaming of it ever since.

Quick stop to check my email. This is what I was missing back home. Suddenly the city seemed even lovelier.

A little toasty from my wine, I trekked uptown to go to LadurĂ©e. I am a sweets girl, have been lucky enough to visit the shops in Paris, and thoroughly believe it was worth the cab ride. The line was long, but not unbearable, the shop was darling and perfectly adorned and the staff was very friendly, which was a pleasant departure from the original. My coveted little box of six is sitting upstairs on my kitchen counter as we speak (I was just getting over the gelato high, I couldn’t possibly eat one on the spot) and I cannot wait to enjoy them, and their perfect little packaging, this evening.

And on top of it all, as I started to make my way back to my hotel to pack up for the airport, I found myself with enough time to wind through the park. This is easily one of my favorite spots in all of Manhattan. I try to visit it every time I am there and the backdrop of the Fall foliage made it extra spectacular. I sat on a rock. I watched the people. I took in the view. I gave myself ten minutes to just sit and be. Then my mom called.

I wandered down 5th, took a car back to LaGuardia and landed safely back in California just before midnight. I rushed upstairs to check on my babies and kiss them in their sleep. They looked bigger, different somehow. I had only been gone three days.

It’s always nice to go to New York.

It’s always nice to come back home.

But most of all, it’s always important to bring back a souvenir or two:

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  1. November 15, 2011

    we LOVE good night new york city!! haha, how funny. [those books are my go-to baby shower gift — so many cities available, they’re perfect.] looks like you had a fab trip…wish i could get one of those đŸ™‚

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