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A Weekend Tryst With An Old Lover

2011 November 9

I have a history with New York, some good, some bad, which you can read about here. But what’s in the past is in the past.

Over the last few years, I have found myself reunited with it for business or pleasure twice per year or so and every time I arrive on the city’s streets, I get this instant feeling of comfort, inspiration, and, odd as it may sound for such a hectic environment, peace.

The people, the places, the things, it all lights a new fire in me.

I don’t know that I could actually commit to it again at this stage of life. Too much noise, riding the subway with a stroller in tow, apartments the size of my walk-in closet…but I like to take these opportunities to hug the city’s streets, feel the confidence and style that its residents naturally seem to exude, linger over new favorite spots, meet up with past ones, have a three-day tryst with an old lover.

This weekend’s little affair will involve stops here, here, here and of course, here.

It will involve the people, places and things that make my heart skip a beat.

It will involve noise, the subway (sans stroller, the kids will be safely tucked away back in the suburbs), and a chic midtown hotel instead of an apartment, though probably still the same size as my walk-in closet.

And it will light a new fire in me, as it always does, so when I come back to the safety and comfort of home 3000 miles away, it will feel warmer than ever.

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  1. November 9, 2011

    it will feel SO fab when you get home but love every second of it while you are there!! xx

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