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Mama Muse – Meredith Melling Burke

2011 October 6

We all know Anna, and I already put the spotlight on Sally, who has since moved over to the New York Times’ T Magazine, but my favorite new mama muse at Vogue has to be senior market editor Meredith Melling Burke.

Photo from Fashionistable

She has a unique style that doesn’t seem completely unattainable for real women like you and I who only “do” Fashion Week from our iHomes in the suburbs.

Photo via Coolspotters

She mixes high and low, street and chic, and really doesn’t do much with her hair beyond a blowout or a bun and still looks amazing.

Photo via Photodiarist

She works. It may be Vogue, but there are still deadlines and bosses and inboxes (oh my!). Which means a lot to us working mamas, who have to manage two wardrobes – one for the office and one for play, and don’t want either one to be drab or predictable.

Photo via Fashion Beans

And most importantly, she’s a mom. A seemingly happy one. Who brings her kids to cool fashion parties — and hopefully gets them home on time for a bedtime story and a cuddle.

Photo via RDuJour

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