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Mama As Muse – Dissecting NYFW From the Safety of the Suburbs (Part 1)

2011 September 14

This is the time of year when I  live vicariously through the Internet and imagine myself in the tents in New York, skinny latte in one hand, Moleskine notebook in the other, taking in the trends-to-be from atop the perch of my 5-inch power heels.

But then reality brings me back down to flats and I realize that most of the fab finds livestreaming via won’t work for my harried working mama lifestyle. Or won’t they?

I took a closer look at this year’s Spring 2012 collections and actually found some perfect picks for everything from drop-off to date night. They might be pricier than your usual Anthropologie uniform, but at the very least, they will inject a dose of inspiration into your Spring shopping.

Today, “Drop Off With a Dose of Lovely and No Lululemon”

J Crew - always nailing the nerdy chic look

Kelly Wearstler - lose the jacket for morning duty, pair with flip flops

Lacoste - a cape for chilly winter days in the carpool lane. Pair with beat up boyfriend jeans and flats.

Marc by Marc Jacobs - make it work with a simple cardigan and sandals

J Crew - simple, easy, perfect for the playground

Marc by Marc Jacobs - put some whimsy into your weekday. Pair with flip flops and a ponytail.

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