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{Guest Post} Location, Location, Location

2011 September 1

We have lived in southern California for more than eight years now, and have acclimated ourselves to a lot of its perks – sun, sand, super expensive housing…but one thing we haven’t quite embraced is the signature family photo shoot on the beach. Yes, the beach is lovely. Yes, the fact that it’s practically in our backyard is incredible. Yes, we want to make our friends back east jealous. But something has skater hubs and I searching for sand-free pastures when it comes to our upcoming (and first!) family photo shoot. So I tapped the brilliantly creative mind of Fawn from Sequins and Candy for some other local suggestions in her hometown of San Diego (ok, ok, she had to sneak in one beach shot, it IS a pretty one, though!). See below for more and it may prompt some local backdrop hunting of your own:

As a photographer, I am always scouting new places to do photo shoots. I love to capture people raw, just being themselves and representing their life as it is. When taking photos of your children, yourself with a tripod or even your dog.. think the unexpected!

I am known to stop my car, get out and start walking at any given moment. My girls roll their eyes and just unbuckle..they know the drill. If I see a spot that captures my eye I go with it.

A park, a colored wall, a big tree, an old fence.. there is inspiration everywhere!

I am very lucky to live in sunny San Diego where there is eye candy everywhere.. but that doesn’t mean we stop at the beach. Although the beach can make some pretty fabulous photos!

Keep looking and you’ll find there are yellow flowers right before summer all the way down the 101.

Leucadia has a ton of color and don’t ignore the palm tree lined streets we have everywhere we turn! A coffee shop that you may spend hours at discussing your future and all things life.. that can be a great spot for a session..

Balboa Park is pure magic for a great backdrop.. the fountain alone is worth a drive but when I saw the colors and design of this tamale stand, I just went with it..

Even outside your very own house has a charm your probably don’t realize! We took this photo in front of our home and I was inspired by the red curb and yellow fire hydrant. My husband lives in his rainbows and I am usually barefoot in a long dress.. it is just {US} and our simple life…

My main passion from photos come from something personal and what is your life right now.. you want to look back and feel the moment of the photo. A giggle, a kiss, your child’s favorite toy.. and your location is just as important! So today when doing your usual drive look beyond the stop signs and street lights…I bet you will see somewhere you’ve never seen before.

*All photos courtesy of Sequins and Candy

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