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Where it began…I can’t begin to know when…

2009 August 25

It probably “began” on April 9, 2007, but first let me tell you how it started. Just two weeks ago, LA in the middle of a summer heatwave, my husband halfway across the world on business, me busting my butt as a “work from home” PR gal, my daughter, almost 2.5, now skipping her second afternoon nap of the week. My little lady and I were hot and bothered. And hungry. I am one to screw up boiling water, and we were fresh out of the Trader Joe’s frozen veggies and meatballs that have become her mainstay. And then a light came on in my mind. A yellow light. A salty, fast, inexpensive light. And it lit up the path straight to the drive-thru. And then it hit me as I navigated my fancy mom mobile (don’t worry, NOT a minivan, more on that later) through the ridiculously tight driveway – I am about to give in and feed my daughter McDonald’s for dinner. For the first time ever. Gwyneth would be disgusted.

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