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The Comfort of Discomfort

2015 December 3



I am a creature of habit who thrives off change. A jumbo shrimp kind of girl, if you will.

I like schedule, routine and order…to a point. When the minutiae of life becomes too mundane, I bolt for change and embrace it with all my might. Sometimes that means buying new curtains, sometimes it means moving, sometimes it means starting a new business or cutting bangs.

But I keep the routine, schedule and order intact…no matter where the road leads me.

I like the energy of discomfort, but I like the stability of comfort just as much. If that makes sense.

So we brought Luna home a few weeks ago.

Life was feeling comfortable (though admittedly not mundane with all the change we have already embarked on this year) and we thought the time was right to bring a new element to our family dynamic.

And dynamic, she is.

She is a labrador puppy and like a newborn baby, you can read everything under the sun and speak to every dog owner on the planet and you still won’t be prepared for life with a puppy.

She was the calmest of her littermates and so naturally, she became “feisty” once her true colors came out after a week of getting used to her new home (again, like a newborn baby). She is leaps and bounds beyond lots of new puppies, sleeping through the night at just nine weeks old, practically fully house trained, sitting and staying on command. But with one unexpected bark or bite, she takes us right out of our comfort zone and reminds us that we’re all feeling a little discomfort with this new life. A little uncertainty, some hesitation…anything but mundane.

I know this dog will be amazing. I can see it in her eyes. I can feel it in her energy. She will bring us a comfort that we’ve never known as a family. A new layer of love and loyalty. A sense of companionship and security. She will become the minutiae in a few years and we will look at her and forget these puppy terror days ever existed.

And when we do…we will probably look around at our comfortable little life and look for change. For a new challenge. For some jumbo shrimp.

But at least we’ll be doing it with her  – and the memories she will bring us – by our side.

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  1. liz duncan permalink
    December 3, 2015

    Its true. It’s all true.

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