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Birthdays and Balloons and Curve Balls and All

2015 May 2


And just when you think life is as good as it gets…it throws you a curve ball.

Or, in the case of this week, it throws you several.

After our amazingly relaxing weekend away in Palm Springs, we came home and Kai came down with the stomach flu. At the same time, our escrow process took some unexpected detours into stress-ville and I was pitching a new potential client that I really want to get and Little D had a big week of school deadlines that we were just about to miss…and I ate one too many slices of pizza to make up for it all.

And then Friday came. And the stomach bug finally left the building (for the most part) and escrow closed (yay!) and the deadlines were met and hopefully that project will come through.

And tomorrow I turn 37. It’s not a milestone birthday to most. It’s not 35. It’s not 40. It’s 37.

But it’s a milestone for me. I don’t typically embrace my birthdays and the attention that comes with them, but this year I want to. I want to celebrate the 37 years that have been so very good to me. To toast the friends and family that make my life so rich. To give thanks for the incredible blessings and fortune I have. To appreciate what it means to be 37 and healthy and happy and inspired and lucky.

Curve balls and all.

I love to bring people balloons on their birthday, no matter the age. The more balloons, the better, I say. The ones with extra helium that last for weeks as a floating reminder of a special day. It’s a symbol of youth and fun and happiness and light. It’s a sign that says it’s your day, let’s celebrate! Whether you’re 7 or 77 or 37. Whether it’s a milestone birthday or not. Whether you choose to embrace it or wish it away.

Let’s celebrate. Curve balls and all. And that’s what I plan to do.

Have a great weekend! xx

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  1. May 5, 2015

    Happy belated birthday!

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