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On The Topic of Dreams

2015 March 9



My sister has been a lot of things to me in life.

A friend, a leader, a confidante. A mirror, a look into the future, a barometer of so many things.

But beyond what she has accomplished in her career, with her friendships and in her daily life, what has inspired me the most is her dreams.

She has them. She loses them on occasion. And then she gets back up and finds new ones.

And most importantly, she goes after them. Each and every one.

Her dream right now is to publish her first photography book. She has been a photographer most of her life, she has made two films, she has launched a successful business, she has helped dozens of people bring their dreams to life.

And now she is doing the same for herself.

She shot a series of breathtaking photos in Death Valley last year on a long weekend journey with my father at her side. The trip was an important one for both of them, I believe. They wandered the desert, side by side, probably mostly in silence knowing my dad. But the photos and the memories capture what was beyond the silence.

The book is being funded via KickStarter and more details are available here, should you be interested in taking a look.

But beyond that, I wanted to say this:

Find your dream. If you lose it, find another one. Maybe even another one after that.

And then go after each and every one.

Happy Monday. xx

*image above: Death Valley by Andi State

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  1. March 10, 2015

    What a gorgeous tribute! I’ll click over right away.

    We don’t celebrate or encourage grams as often as we should. Thank you for ringing this bell, its peal echoing for your sister and so many others with quiet dreams.

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